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Whenever I start analyzing HTML5, I can see great scope. The good news is that, it has reached a stage, where it can be used almost everywhere. If you are wondering, what about the places that it finds it difficult to cope, you must know that there are ways in which you can simply use a native code for packaging your app and then distribute it freely.

I believe that HTML 5 games have a great future outside of web browsers, but for now, until we are using web browsers and desktop computers, there is a need for gaming that is web based.

How to Make Money of Open Source Software Everyone agrees that multi channel distribution is very important. All your eggs should never be put in a single basket. Everyone wants to be successful, just like me and Windows 8 is just one of the very many distribution channels that can be used for the games I make. What is important to note is that absolutely any HTML 5 game that is web based can find a place in the Windows store, with hardly any effort.

Are you wondering how you can monetize your game?During the panel discussion I offered a solution for HTML 5 games that has helped me rake in money, and it was simple, all you have to do is use them as a promotional tool. The key is to understand that you are definitely going to make more money when you sell your skill for developing games as apposed to selling your games itself. In case there is a need in the market for HTML5 games, then you should be making the most of it and offering your services.

I followed the same process with flash. I really enjoy building games, and now and then my client require games in Flash. My flash games skills helped me in other ways to, with these skills I was able to create web apps as well, for enterprise. The power of the amazing HTML5 platform does not lie in game development, it is the skills that will benefit you when you start coding them. JavaScript is a skill that is highly sought after, and if you wish to make money so that you can fund your games, then you should start using it.

While some people do understand this, others do not. Those who do understand it and go ahead and use their skills to participate in HTML5 game and app development will be extremely successful. The key lies in finding something that you truly enjoy doing and then monetizing it for your benefit. When you try to sell just one product, you will see that it is extremely difficult. When you are game developer, you will know that it is very tough to make money off games, I can vouch for this as, all I do is spend time talking to indie game developers, and I have never met a single one who says that they are not stressed about the idea of whether or not their app will make enough money. While licensing the game to someone else may bring in some money, not too many people are talking about it.

I do not want to crush all your hopes, as I do truly believe that there is a lot of potential on the Windows 8 platform and even online, but nothing beats being a good technician. In fact when you are a class technician you can use this skill to teach people, and this will help you make money, you can write articles, participate in talks and even write books. Well, that how I did it, and it led me to my perfect job and daily emails from a variety of companies who are constantly looking for HTML5 game developers.