People are annoyed by me on a daily business. I have come across so many people who boast of doing big data for a number of years. In most cases the argument revolves around the idea that since they have been growing their scale of business analytics, it is certain that they would now be in the vicinity of big data. I disagree. There lies a true difference between business analytics that is run by humans and is data driven, and the real techniques of big data, which is surprising carried on by only a few companies world over.

You may use data that is very big, but if there are people in your company who are constantly mulling over spreadsheets filled with lots of numbers and charts, if decisions are being made after discussions with people concerned and if changes are made, then you are definitely doing business analytics.

However, if you are doing big data, those people would never make part of the equation, they would either be fired, or never be hired in the first place, in the case of big data, computer optimized programs are used to do the same work.

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This does not really mean that big data does not require any amount of human intervention, the machine does not just spit out information, someone in charge has to keep looking in to the progress, however, the computer will not stop dishing out algorithms, if there is no human around. Therefore, to sum it up, in big data set ups, humans have dethatched themselves to a great extent, so that the machines can do their work. This could mean that the set up time for this machine is usually long, and people tend to make mistakes as well, however, sometimes tings go as planned. Google search managed this well right from the start.

Business analytics involves tracking sales metrics and number of visitors that have come to a site, and this can be used to understand whether a marketing campaign that was executed has generated results.

When you compare this to the set ups of big data, you will note, that the methods of big data are more microscopic, and it collects all the information it can, even up to 1000 attributes of one single customer, for instance based on the data collected, it can tell you what the customer will do next time, how much money is he going to spend, and the most important questions, is he going to come back. .

installing wordpress platform. If you do want to tell the difference between Business Intelligence and Big Data, all you have to know is that big data will use cases that are spread across a large range of drivers and needs, only a few of which will support business intelligence. Initiatives of Buisness intelligence may use or may ignore the data collected from big data. In other words, the data needs of big data may not be dependent or will impact the system for business intelligence that has been set up. Reporting that falls under business intelligence is the only aspect that will draw from big data if at all. Today however, all the data that is generated by big data is used by business intelligence systems.

Therefore, when I tell people that they are not really a part of the revolution that is big data, they get offended. The second reason being that their job may be in jeopardy.

And the second thing is that, usually, their job is potentially up for grabs by an algorithm.