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We planned to find out from independent developers who were members of forums to find out how they worked on games with making money. We got good response and some interesting facts on what the developers know about the wrong and proper monetization. Even though the opinions were totally different we all agree that the game developers wanted to get returns.

The current mobile games in particular freemium games have both the chance and the opportunity that generating money should be merged into the game. The user experience and the amount that games can generate will be affected for the game designers. The monetization of the game will convert into income directly rather than paying a sum for a game.


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At many times, it would mean that the game designers need to make adjustments between making money and games. So what measures will you take to get cash out of your game without spoiling the image of the game?When this question was discussed, many opinions that were based on the following facts were given out:

Content is the main aspect

When you create a game, the important feature which makes the game worth is the text of it. When you create the freemium game, you should offer substantial free content so that it makes the customer feel it is worth. It is acceptable when the users are asked to pay for any new content.  make money from website – installCore.

Be straightforward
To put it simply, if your customers pay for what you will not deliver, they will never come back to you.

Experiences count most and not the upgrades
Money can be collected for opening up important features but you should be careful to open up the gameplay balance in games where there are many players and you need to take precautions as it will give problems when you handle games with single player.

It should be outstanding


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When you want to sell a new content, sell something which is appealing to the players than create something out of the old content. Check how each new level in the games has got different challenges as well as environments.

No annoying ads
Any quick tactic that is not decent is probably the easiest method to make quick money and also to spoil the game. Such tactics will include full page ads which not impressive, banners in the games screens which are distracting, and promoting content of the game. Rather, you should make ads to appear on screens that do not have gameplays, such as inventory screen, and also bring in full-page ads which get filled in naturally during gameplay.

The best rule: never function as an analyst
Imagine you to be a player and ask to yourself which is most reasonable. If you create the games you should be able to play them also. When you are playing like that, you have to observe when you get pissed off with the process of monetization and when you don’t.

The problem here is that everybody wants to earn money and the opinions are different when it comes to how much of monetization should get into the gameplay. Even though generating money will be difficult for the game developers, the principles mentioned above will help you to get money from games even as you try to retain the gameplay.