A free image online editor includes all the uncomplicated features likewise the extra things that most individuals need to edit to improve their photos and images.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of hard earned dollars on an image editor like Photoshop whereas all that is needed of you are just light editing, cropping an object from an image, or adding something additional to your image. The many online image editors below will get these things done for you and they are free.

Below are some free image editors, some of them are very basic while the rest are more advanced, however, they all possess the additional benefit of not needing a download due to the fact that they work with any web browser. Most of these online based editors don’t even need you to create an account before using the platform.


1.   piZap


Pizap is a free online image editor that was made for social media. Add text and stickers, then distribute your work via the largest social networks


PiZap is accessible in both Flash editions and HTML5, thus making it appropriate for any gadget. You can also choose to work with an image from your Facebook, your hard drive, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Search, or a series of stock photos. This’s a remarkable choice, however, some of the stock images are only accessible to top subscribers, and you will need to be wary of copyright issues should you use an image from Google Images.


PiZap’s editing outlook has a modern design that makes weighty use of sliders for swift adjustments – a structure that works better than drop-down menus and tricky icons if you are using a touchscreen gadget.

PiZap provides a lot of stickers, with several more accessible to users via a paid account. All the choices have a meme tool that can add text to the bottom and top of any photo, this proves that this’s an online image editor formed with social media distribution in mind.

When you’re done, you can proudly share what you have created on all the major social media networks, likewise piZap’s own servers, Google Drive and Dropbox. On the other hand, it can be saved on your hard drive, sent via email, or as an embedded code.


2.   FotoFlexer


Fotoflexer is an excellent online image editor with innovative tools and ample support for layering.

FotoFlexer may look old, however, give it a chance and you’ll ascertain a remarkable influential free online image editor, it comes with layers for intricate work when using multiple photos. It makes use of Flash, so it will not work with mobile web browsers, however, it’s an awesome choice for a desktop-bound professional photographer.


Upload an image and the tabbed interface will come to light. The Basic interface has everything you will need for quick projects like cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating, and brightness, adjusting contrast, hue and saturation. Fotoflexer also has a one-click transformation tool which gives washed out images a quick enhancement, and a red-eye corrector.

Fotoflexer’s Effects toolkit is filled with resourceful filters, although most of them are rather outdated, like good old Ink Stamp and Neon. If it is the substantial retro effects that you are after, then this editor is not for you. The Animation and Decorate tabs are similar, with text stickers, and modest drawing tools.


3. iPiccy


The items on iPiccy’s menu can be assessed easily, they are at the top of the screen, thus enabling you to have a better view of the advanced and basic editing tools such as the clone, sharpen and crop tool, among the rest.

iPiccy allows you to create a photo from scratch or modify existing ones via your computer, a webcam, a remote URL or via Flickr.

There are numerous tools for different specific tasks, like one to brighten your eyes, to add mascara, to take out wrinkles, and lots more.

You also have the ability to overlay images, manage layers, change the color balance, add textures and more.

You can save your modified images to your Pc, upload them to Flickr, or share them on Facebook.