Is your B2B website not getting just enough traffic? Have you tried to analyse the reason? One of the reasons could be that the website is not correctly optimized.

You may have noticed, Google includes websites, videos, images, blogs, and stories for indexing. It is known as “Universal Search” and includes all the info from the Internet. It is just not enough to optimise the website alone but also you should make your presence felt online.

If yours is a B2B site, you will notice that the fundamental aspects for such effective optimization are almost the same but there are differences too. When compared to B2C sites, B2B buyers have to work more on the content and the methods of optimization.

There are many SEO tips that will help you to optimize your content and get more leads. Some of them include:

List your business on Business directories: Business directories such as Manta and are indexed by Google with plenty of categories. You can include your business also under the correct category to show up when the particular category is searched.

Activity on Social Media: If you are keen on getting high Google rankings, social media activity is said to be the main factor. This is as per the report from SEOMoz linking data from keyword rankings.

Blogs: Yet another idea will be to come up with a blog. You would have observed that search engines contain lots of stories and content. B2B companies get more leads each month when they have their own blogs, says Hubspot.

Images to be optimized: It is essential to do optimization to get images seen on search engines. You can add captions and texts for the images. Important keywords should find a place in the beginning of a short and crisp title.

Sharing products and services: If you are not in the habit of sharing your documents, it is better you start it straight away. Sharing documents is a well-known method of improving awareness about your products as well as services thereby increasing traffic. Google is too quick to pick up such companies that share documents.

Powerpoint presentations: It is important that you use PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare for better sharing of details. You need not worry about your competitors that they will come to know about your business and the tactics. Be known that you cannot hide anything from them. Even the White House is using Slideshare and your business details can also find a place there.

Linkedin Profile for the company: Many companies have realized that when their business was optimized in LinkedIn profile, number of visitors improved drastically and the listing is seen in the first page of Google. So make use of the LinkedIn listing. You can combine all the social media feed, include successful keywords for describing your company, and include attractive banners for the promotion of services and products.

Press releases that are SEO friendly: Services like PRWeb or PRNewswire can be used for distributing the press releases to all online customers and bloggers. This will also reflect in Google news.

Manual submission of site: Consider manual submission of your website to search engines like Bing, Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site explorer etc.

YouTube videos: Your business video can have the vital keywords inserted in the title as well as description. A hyperlink can be included in the first sentence. You can use keywords at the time of tagging the video. Take care to avoid too many keywords by limiting the tags to 10.

Making use of description tags: It is essential that you instruct Google whatever you wanted to show and never allow them to pick for you. Description tags limited to 160 characters including spaces should be used so the search engine results show the summary snippet of your site.

No programming errors: Ensure that your website has HTML standards as fixed by WWW Consortium. Then your code can get a higher rank than one with errors such as incorrectly formatted URL, broken links etc. Make sure also not to use petty black hat techniques SEO like this hack found on university sites according to the Verge.

Work on Google Place Listing: It will become easy for customers to locate you on Google if you are on a Google Places Listing. Google Maps show the listings and they are seen on the first page of Google. You can also include videos, offers, description of the company and photos.

Blog within your domain: It is essential that your blog is hosted within your domain. If you have it on Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, Google credit for traffic will not be available to you. Your blog should be as a subdirectory of your website.

Usage of Anchor Text: It is not a great idea to use ‘click here’ when you link from one page to another. You can use anchor text to have a hyperlink next to a keyword. You can use diagrams to illustrate the lifecycle of a particular product.

Catchy title Tags: The headline of your webpage will consist of title tags found at the top of the browser when somebody is checking your site. The title tags should be of maximum 70 characters length and should be interesting and prominent. Your keywords should be placed in the title tags.

Nofollow links: When a website points to sites that are considered spam by Google the reputation of the website is affected. To prevent this, you can use the ‘nofollow’ command. When this is turned on the link will not be followed and there will be no loss of reputation for your site.

Applying Site Map: Your content can be easily searched by spiders when you use a site map. It will have a list of contents for the website, and pages that are difficult to find will be scanned by the spider.

Website linking: You can achieve good Google ranking when other websites establish link to yours. It will be a credit if you can get links from reputed sites.

Reduced usage of Adobe Flash: You should be aware that search engine spiders cannot follow Flash and so such content will not have indexing. You have to stop using Flash as it will not fetch you good Google ranking.

Impressive content: You have to focus on your website content and on how your company solves problems of customers. Valuable and realistic content and great keywords make your site impressive for search by spiders and humans.

Sharing of content: It is important that the content in your website is shared as this has a say in Google ranking. The more the sharing, the better the chances of a good rank on Google.