The number of tablets used by customers is increasing rapidly and online retailers should make changes to site design, features, content and advertising. Online retailers will be affected if consumers expect a unique ecommerce experience on tablets. Interactions using tablets are obviously different from laptops and desktops.

Content preferred on tablets may be different. Unlike laptops or desktops, users prefer visually driven sites on tablets. Advanced electronic readers also come under tablets category. Users now prefer digital magazines compared to real magazines. About one fifth of tablet users who read magazines on their devices read various issues of a title. Ecommerce Blog.

Touch interface should be utilized during design. Visual driven content and touch interface can be used by online retailers in four ways. First, digital magazines can be effectively utilized as an advertising vehicle. When tablet users are inspired by products they view on digital magazines, they tend to purchase it. Second, as tablet users love digital magazines, content and marketing efforts of online retailers should be changed accordingly.

Customers should be engaged with articles, images and videos. Merchants can publish video programs or short magazines to engage consumers. There are agencies that provide tablet magazines services. Third, larger fonts and wider buttons should be included in websites to enable touch interface. Grid layouts and media queries are commonly used to design such a website.

Fourth, touch gestures improve customer attention and site can be altered to react to customer gestures. Product information and other details should be presented in such a manner that tablet users should be able to interact with it.

Tablet computers are here to stay. The sales of tablet computers is constantly increasing. They want to view content differently and interact with the content. So, online retailers should pay special attention to the latest technology in site design, features, content and advertising.