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Your retail business’ competitive price strategy is not enough to get your brand to fly off the digital shelfs. Build and refine your content strategy that stamps your brand into people’s minds.

Focusing on pricing analysis and comparisons feels like the right thing to do to boost your business. Price your products and services too high, and potential customers will be turned off and look for more affordable alternatives. Price too low, and your customers will have doubts on the quality of your business and what it offers. It’s truly basic and important, but remember that a product is beyond its price.

Competitive pricing software by experts like Upstream Commerce is a super important factor on getting your company off the ground, but if you think that charts and numbers are the only things influencing your customer base, you’ve been blindsided by these stats. And that’s not a good thing.

Brand Marketing is a whole new language that influences your customer inside out – inside out meaning, you are their personal choice for themselves, and you might also be their personal recommendation for the people surrounding them. A good content strategy is what you need to establish this relationship with your customers, old, new and potential. If you need to build it from scratch, here are some tips to keep it effective:


Pull Out all Stops on Social Media


Growing Social MediaAny self-respecting business that hopes to continue to grow in this new millennium has an online presence on social media. A simple website and catalog on your home domain is not enough. Even if every page is applied with search engine optimization (SEO), waiting for customers to search the right key terms in hopes of getting to your website awards you the status of a Sitting Duck; much better than a lame duck, but still. Social media is a great way to build a brand image and personality. It gets your name out there and can inform and connect to individuals quickly and easily. What’s more, it can be more proactive in finding potential customers. You can beselling any kind of product and still get real benefits from engaging in social media. Whether you are a high-end fashion site or a budget-friendly detergent and toiletry shop, a new and modern design service or a generations-old family crafts store, you need to claim your online space for people to find you and know more about you and reach out to you, quick and easy. Visit eTraffic a SEO &Web Content Marketing Agency on their Social media channels: Facebook | Linkedin  

Relay a Genuine Story

However, simply having a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. does not guarantee you views unless you pay attention to your design and content. When customers get onto your page, what do you think they would like to see? Would they like to know more about your business? And whether or not it would be worth it to patronize you. Populate your “About Us” page with your history, your brand name, the reasons why you set up your business, awards you have won, and a description of the people who work in your company. It’s a good step to showing customers that the company wants to interact with them and answer their queries. At this point, treat your customers not flatly as your customers, but as your community. You may not ever be able to know each and every one of them, but it counts as a community because you should be sharing each other’s stories. You need to make the human side of your company visible to them. Aside from the “About Us” or “Company History” pages, a good way to get your story and personality across is through the use of a blog. You can gain a loyal customer base with a good blog readership following.    

Interact with your Community through a Blog

The kind of posts that should appear on your blog should be a good mix of advertising your products or services, and of content relevant to the needs of the community, see here a good example by Moz. Don’t continuously churn out posts proclaiming why your brand is the absolute best all of the time – especially if you weren’t given any actual awards. Keep a good balance that won’t confuse your blog readers. Blog

When advertising your products and services, you can talk about any achievements or specialities of your company, and details about how it was acknowledged. You can also write posts about problems that your products and services can solve. Write about popular culture phenomenons that have something to do with your product, like an appearance in a popular TV show or a surge in the industry. This will make you look like experts that can be trusted in your industry.

When sharing content and other ideas with your community, make sure that it’s 100 percent relevant to your product and customers, or it will just look annoying and not very well thought out. Tips and tricks, new developments in the industry, asking for opinions of the readers, all these will promote a more personal feel in your blog.

If you choose either style, or go for a mix of both, remember to reply to comments and encourage discussion.  Foster a good relationship that cares about customer concerns, comments, and suggestions. A heartwarming “keep up the good work” on your blog should be replied with a “thank you,” showing your brand is a brand that listens.

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In the End, Remember to Keep It Friendly and Subtle

When is advertising not advertising? When it’s feels like genuine interaction and understanding of the visitor and potential customer’s needs. Advertisements are always thought of as annoying pop-up ads or interruptive TV commercials. This is not the only way to get your brand name into the public’s awareness. Through a well-thought out and balanced content strategy, your brand will be definitive of your industry and sought out by your community.

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